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Inspired by true historical events, ROAR – The Jaws of the Lion brings to the screen a powerful love story for the ages.  

And they will dash you to the ground,

and your children within you;

and they will not leave one stone upon another,

all because you did not come to recognize

the time of your visitation.

The catastrophic events as foretold in this ancient prophecy will bring unparalleled consequences which dramatically unfold throughout the story of ROAR.


In a race against time, we see one man’s search for truth and his ultimate discovery of love and redemption.


The story begins in Jerusalem…


No matter how hard Pontius Pilate tries, he can’t stop the roar in his head for the events of that day would echo throughout all of time.

Thirty years later, the roar which started in Jerusalem could hardly be heard in Rome, any hope of it seemingly drowned out with Nero’s rise to power.

All that is horrible and shameful had now flood together under Caesar’s rule.

But every roar starts with a whisper and in Rome it would only take a spark to ignite the flames of love that would change the world forever.

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